March 30

Term 1

So far this year has been great. We’ve learnt so many new things about each other and all about our differences. One of our favorite things this term was our inquiry PLT (personal learning task) we did it on Justice and Equality. We also did interschool sports which was really fun and our school came 3rd in division 2. But our most favorite thing was Twilight Sports and some of the events were Shot put, tunnel ball, discus, running races and much more the best thing about it was that GREEN team WON!!! and it was the first time in like 10 years. 

We hope you had an Awesome term 1 from Georgia and Sienna DK xoxo


August 5


on Thursday 4/8/16 we played with these really cute tiny robots called ozobots they follow lines and turn and there favorite sport is soccer they can also race and have competitions. I loved having the opportunity to play with these adorable ozobots!!!    

February 24

The Zika disease

People say that the Zika disease is spreading fast across all the different countries of the world. We found that  no one can die from it but you can get a fever, a rash,  sore joints or an eye reaction. The Zika disease is spread by mosquitoes.  The disease comes from the Zika  forest in Uganda.