May 18

School photos

On Wednesday 17th of May our school had school photos I got called fluffy girl and I had wavy hair. Everyone looked really good. We had a class photo and a leadership photo Because I’m a Social Justice leader (which raises money for causes) I had my photo with the other leader Jade and the teachers of the Social Justice team Mrs Inglese and Miss Grieve.

May 10

My new kitten LuLu

2 weeks ago on Saturday I got a new kitten and we named her Lulu she is a Burmese and she is a light brown right now but as she grows older she will turn into a dark chocolate color she is 17 weeks old and she loves to play with a yarn ball, go through a toy tunnel and run back into it again and play  with a toy mouse on a stick she loves to hide under the bed, under the couch and in the washing pile. but her most favorite thing of all is having big cuddles. I love my new kitten Lulu and if you have a pet I would love to hear about it so put your link down below and I will come cheek it out